FOSTERING: Do you have a quiet space in your home to foster a mum cat and her kittens? Or maybe you would prefer to foster one cat? We have lots of cats that are looking for a foster-home...all expenses for food and litter will be paid for as will the veterinary bills.


TRANSPORTING: Maybe you are not in a position to foster but would like to help in another way with animals? We need transporters to help take cats to their foster home or to the vet. Petrol expenses will be paid for.


TRAPPING: Would you like to help more with the outdoor side of rescue? We are looking for volunteers to help trap stray/feral cats/cats and their kittens and transport to the vet. Full training will be given.


FUND-RAISERS: Maybe you would like to help with fund-raising for Guardian Angels....your work-place could be a good way to help raise much needed funds. Or maybe a car boot or garage sale..get rid of all those unwanted items?


DONATE FOOD/LITTER: We are always grateful for food/litter and as you can imagine we get through lots of it!!!!


DONATE VIA MONTHLY DIRECT DEBIT: If you are not in a position to help with any of the above but would still like to offer your help..why not make a monthly payment to support us. We would be very grateful for this as our veterinary bills are extremely high and most of our funds are taken up with bills!


Just a few ways that you can help Guardian Angels.....if you are interested in any of the above please contact us at guardianangelanimals@outlook.com


Your help would be greatly appreciated!

There is always a lot to do as we are reliant on volunteers to be able to help as many animals as possible.


More volunteers always means more possibilities to help for us.