3 beautiful female mice around 1 year old. White chocolate and dark. Easy to handle.All health checked.

Housed in their own 3ft tank. Please call Mary on 0844 745 2122, if you would like to adopt these gorgeous girls. Home check and donation applies.

Young Mice

Robert and Roland

Rabbits and Rodents

in Need of a Home

Homing Questionnaires can be downloaded HERE


Please complete and return to


or call Mary on 08447452122


Thank you


Please be aware that there is an adoption fee of £45.00 per animal.


This adoption fee helps to cover expenses for things such as neutering, vaccinations, micro-chipping, flea and worm treatment, as well as full veterinary health checks prior to adoption. As well as the cost of food, litter, and (if necessary) medication for ongoing conditions, these are our biggest expenses. We receive a very slight reduction in our veterinary bills, the payment for which comes out of our own pocket. We do not make a profit; everything we make goes towards helping the animals in our care. If you were to buy an animal from a pet shop, you would easily pay more than that for the animal alone, and you would then have to pay even more on top of that for the aforementioned treatments.