Guardian Angels Animal Support desperately needs your help to allow us to continue the work that we do in caring for the sick, vulnerable, and/or stray animals in our care. Thanks to the support of local veterinary practices, we are often able to obtain a discounted rate for the medical treatment and immunisation of the animals in our care, but we still accrue vet bills that have to be paid.


We also need to cover the costs of feeding our animals while they are being cared for by our wonderful network of volunteer pet foster carers. Every single penny that we raise is used to help provide care for our animals.


Guardian Angels is a strictly non-profit organisation staffed entirely by a network of volunteer animal carers who kindly give up their precious time without any paid expenses or financial reward.


There are a variety of ways in which you can help:


1) Make a secure credit/debit card PayPal donation





2) Make a regular donation of either £3.00, £5.00, £10.00, or a custom amount per month via standing order. Simply print out the Standing Order form (found in link below), fill in your details, and take it to your local bank




3) Donate via the EasyFundraising scheme when shopping with online retailers (instructions in link below)




4) Support us in other ways such as donating pet food or volunteering your time




5) Amazon Wish List. If you would like to donate a gift to our animals, please follow the secure link below

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Look at these 2 cuties, Tabitha & Tamsin. The two sisters came into our care with some severe problems.

They both needed eye surgeries to get better.

The charity had to get funds for the whole vet-bill and had to scrape the barrel to get the £2,000 owed to the vets.


Now they are both fine, and they even found a home where they can be together.


Please help us funding these expensive and so very needed surgeries so we can cure the sick and give them a happy opportunity just like Tabitha & Tamsin.